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What happens in a Macrame Workshop?

Macrame is very therapeutic, the repetitive nature of knotting cords into patterns creates a meditative mood. Focusing on the task at hand helps to calm the body and mind and also helps you feel more positive emotions.

For these reasons and many more I want to share this wonderful versatile craft with others.

A question I always get asked is "do I need any experience to do a workshop" and the answer is "No"! Macrame is a fun and simple craft to learn and is suitable for beginners and craft enthusiastic's of all ages. I will guide you from start to finish and will try and answer any questions you have best to my knowledge! I like to make the time we have together as fun and relaxing as can be. 

What happens in a macrame class?

We will have a small intro were I will tell about the piece we are going to make on the day.

I will begin by showing you the first knot that you will need to use to start your wall hanging or plant hanger. We will move through the remainder of the class like this making our pieces together. You will learn a couple of different knotting techniques that are the foundation of most macrame projects.

A workshop duration is usually around 2.5 hours long, by the end everyone will usually have a completed piece or will have made good progress.

Whats included in the Workshop?

  • All your macrame supplies
  • Rails for working on
  • Light refreshments (Tea, coffee & sweet treats)
  • Take home notes from the day
  • Fun and chats!

I look forward to meeting all you budding creatives, ready to begin your journey into the wonderful world of macrame. Check out workshop dates below.

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