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Macrame Plant Hanger Kits 

Designed for you by Grá agus Sonas Creations.

Macrame is very therapeutic, the repetitive nature of knotting cords into patterns creates a meditative mood. Focusing on the task at hand helps to calm the body and mind and also helps you feel more positive emotions.

This craft is fun and simple to learn. The Plant Hanger starter kit is suitable for beginners and craft enthusiastic's of all ages.

With this kit you'll learn 5 essential macrame knotting techniques which are the basis for making so many more macrame projects.

Whats included in this kit:

- Step by Step Instructions

- 6 x 4mm Cotton Cord cut to length

- 2 x wrapping cords cut to length

- 1 x 5cm Wooden Ring

- 1 x S-Hook

All you'll need is a sharp scissors, a measuring tape and your hands!

Along with these step by step instructions you can check out my instagram / facebook page @graagussonascreations for video tutorials on the basic macrame knots you'll need to help you create your plant hanger.

* All cord used is 100% Natural Cotton Cord and sourced in the EU. 

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