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About Me

Hi there, I'm Christina, creator of Grá agus Sonas Creations.

I live with my husband, daughter and our pet dog in the beautiful seaside town of Rush, Co. Dublin in Ireland. I started Grá agus Sonas Creations in 2017 with a simple vision to create decorative, sustainable, modern fibre art for peoples home's using the art of macrame.

Having worked as a wedding & family photographer, I then moved in the corporate world for many years. I personally felt like something was missing and I unable to express myself creatively. Crafting was always a favourite pastime of mine and discovering macrame while doing research for my wedding decor, I immediately fell in love with this wonderful and versatile craft. It allows me to express my creativity in many different ways.

For me, I find working with macramé very therapeutic.  Its starts with a drawing of a design/pattern, then walking the local beaches and wooded areas to find the perfect piece of driftwood or branch. Cleaning and sanding it down. Cutting the cord, attaching it to the wood and then starting the knotting process. Magic!

My pieces range from beautiful simple plant hangers, to more complex pieces such as my wall hangings, arches, large lanterns and one-off installations. These installations have been featured in the Body & Soul Festival and Electric Picnic Festival. 

I also teach the art of macrame in the form of fun curated workshops, private group sessions, team building exercises for companies and creativity retreats. 

Grá Agus Sonas Creations means ‘Love and Happiness’ in Irish and takes its origin from words that mean the most to me. It also represents how I feel when creating a piece and what I would like my customers to experience when they hang their very own Grá agus Sonas Creation. 

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."  

Maya Angelou

Love & Happiness

Chris xxx

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Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland
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