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Macrame Plant Hangers

Do you love to bring the outdoors inside by filling your home with as much greenery as possible? Me too! I'm addicted to indoor plants. Plants are a great way to bring nature inside. I love the calming effect they have on me and my family, and they create such a relaxed and peaceful environment within my home. Studies have soon that indoor plants help to reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

I have so many houseplants that I'm running out of places to put them, so I decided to hang them instead.

Macrame Plant Hangers are the perfect solution for freeing up that much needed space and creating a wonderful feature in your room that will draw the eye up!

All my Macrame Plant Hangers are handmade using 100% Natural Cotton Cord, Recycled Coloured Cotton Cord or both! Cotton is grown from the earth and is a natural fibre, which makes it sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. 

My collections range from modern simple styles, bohemian styles and colourful, playful styles. 

Spring Plant Hangers €33

Zeal Plant Hangers €30

Unity Plant Hangers €35

Unity Limited Addition Colours €35

Divinity Plant Hangers €28

Croí Plant Hangers €30

Maple Plant Hangers €20

Nova Double Plant Hanger €38

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